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A Quick Guide to Socks


Socks are an essential type of clothing worn in the foot often covering the ankle and sometimes the calf. They come in different, colors, sizes and designs and for various functions, events, seasons and occasions such as Christmas and dances, for example, the slip-on sock for a ballerina. Getting the right kind of socks to complement your clothing and your shoe is very crucial. That is why those involved in sock businesses always prioritize the needs of the consumer. For those interested in outsourcing socks especially when it comes to large-quantity-orders, they will need to find various socks manufacturers in their countries and other regions also.


A good sock supplier has to be able to provide affordable, high-quality original designs and excellent color pairs of socks. They should be reliable and easy to access. With the current fashion trends, women tend to wear funky socks with vibrant colors and creative designs. For those specializing in selling funky socks for ladies definitely, need to have the best sock suppliers. Though there are so many suppliers of these socks, Yo Sox will undoubtedly serve you better than many of them. Yo sox is a Toronto-based sock manufacturing and supplying company which specializes in fresh, stylish, On trend and reinforced perfect sized funky socks for ladies.


Yo sox is a major online sock supplier who works in collaboration with Bamboo threads and pink panther. To place your order, one needs to log in to their website. In the homepage, you search the required type of socks. Then you select your required sizes and location and place the order. Their team will make the shipment of the items to your desired position. The good news is that shipping costs are subject to discounts. Yo Sox offers free shipments for any orders above $ 29.99. This offer provides a lucrative deal to the person ordering the socks. Read more info!


Another vital aspect of Yo Sox is the Sock of the month club. This sock club contains the collection of pairs of Socks that will emerge to be the monthly best. For potential buyers, to access this service, you click the tag on their homepage, select the type of sock you want, the size, and the number of socks and length of your sock subscription and the sock of the month bundle will be shipped to your doorstep every month. All this will attract a cost of $ 72.00. For a 12 month subscription, the last month of the subscription is free. Additionally, shipment is also free. For more facts about socks, visit this website at http://www.dictionary.com/browse/socks.